Man using mobile website on street at night

As most business owners know, simply having a website will not mean people will visit it. This is especially true for brand new websites and businesses just starting their internet marketing. There are important signals that your website needs for quality SEO.

Mobile responsiveness is important for two reasons. The first, is that Google prefers mobile responsive and optimized websites. The second reason, is that it creates a better user experience.

Here, we will outline the most important reasons why your website needs to be mobile responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


4 Reasons to Have a Mobile Responsive Website

1. Google Prefers Mobile Websites

There are many things that Google looks for when it comes to SEO. One of the important factors is a website that is mobile responsive. Back in 2016, Google began its mobile-first indexing of websites.

What this Means for Your Business:

If your website is not mobile responsive, then Google is likely to favor your competitors website that is mobile responsive.


2. It’s Easier to Use

Mobile responsive websites are easier to view and navigate from mobile devices. Although some businesses receive mainly desktop traffic, it is important to remember that a potential customer will eventually be on your website from their phone.

What this Means for Your Business:

When your website it mobile responsive, you can be sure that potential customers and clients will be able to see your information clearly. IF they have found your website in search results, you want them to be able to click your phone number or submit an inquiry through your contact form. These actions are significantly harder on a site that is not mobile responsive.


3. Mobile Responsiveness Affects Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors that leave your site after viewing only one page. Many visitors will bounce off your page if they are not able to easily find what they are looking for.

What this Means for Your Business:

If you are partaking in SEO services and gaining search visibility, you will want people to hang around. You want them to click your phone number or send a message through your contact form. The quality of your SEO will not matter if visitors are bouncing of your website because it’s too difficult to use.


4. Mobile Optimization Improves Site Speed

When it comes to SEO, site speed and mobile responsiveness go hand in hand. Mobile websites and websites utilizing Google AMP will have “lighter” coding, which contributes to your website’s speed.

What this Means for Your Business:

Having a website that loads quickly and efficiently on a mobile device is a great benefit to users. With people using their mobile devices for all possible tasks, you want your business website to be available.